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Philippines extends UK Travel Ban amid concerns of a new Virus Strain

Philippines has extended UK Travel Ban for two more weeks.

In an effort to prevent the entry of a newly detected fast-spreading COVID-19 strain in the country , the President of Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, on Saturday extended the Ban on all flights to/from the United Kingdom for two more weeks, reports Manila Times.

The Travel Ban will enforce restrictions on the movement of people coming from the UK and flights will not be allowed until the 2nd week of January,2021 in the Asian country, reports Manila Times.

Following the detection of the new strain, several countries imposed restrictions on flights to United Kingdom. Philippines suspended all flights from the UK from 24th December,2020.

Duterte approved the recommendation of Presidential spokesman Harry Roque Jr to extend the ban during his meeting with members of his cabinet on Saturday, according to Manila Times.

The president also approved the recommendation of the Department of Health to quarantine travellers coming from countries that have recorded cases of the new COVID-19 strain which include Singapore, Australia and Hong Kong among many other countries.

Japan has banned entry of foreign travellers until end-January in order to stop the spread of the newly detected COVID-19 strain in the country. Netherlands will now require a COVID-19 negative test even for transit passengers. Turkey will also require a COVID-19 negative test result.

Effective today (28th December,2020, Monday), United States will require a COVID-19 negative test from all travellers coming in from the United Kingdom.

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