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SpiceJet Airlines announces 24 new domestic flights

SpiceJet has announced 24 new domestic flights that will begin in a few days.

Photo: SpiceJet

SpiceJet will be the 1st and only airline to connect Ajmer with Mumbai and Ahmedabad with Amritsar – a step in the airline’s commitment to enhance connectivity between metro and non-metro cities.

The new daily flights between Mumbai and Ajmer will provide pilgrims and tourists a much better access to Ajmer and Pushkar. The Indian low cost carrier already operates flights between Ajmer (Kishangarh) and Delhi, Ahmedabad & Hyderabad.

4 new seasonal flights connecting Jaisalmer with Ahmedabad and Delhi have also been announced.

The carrier will also launch daily flights between Ahmedabad and Bengaluru, Kolkata and Guwahati & Delhi and Guwahati.

Flights on Ahmedabad-Bagdogra-Ahmedabad and Chennai-Kolkata-Chennai routes will operate 3-days-a-week while flights from Patna will operate 5-days-a-week to Bengaluru and twice-a-week to Surat. Also, flights from Surat to Chennai will operate 4-days-a-week.

SpiceJet will deploy a mix of Boeing B737 and Bombardier Q400 aircrafts on these routes.

While the seasonal flights will operate from 12th February to 13th March,2021, all other flights will commence operations effective 19th and 20th February,2021.

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