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Indigo announces flights from Rajkot

Indigo has announced flights from Rajkot to four metro cities.

A few weeks ago, IH Aviation and Travel had reported that Indigo will be creating a base at Rajkot along with six cities. Well, Indigo now has officially announced flights from the city. Starting 28th March,2021, Indigo will start flights from Rajkot to Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru and Hyderabad.

Official announcement by Indigo

All the flights will be operated by a Airbus 320 aircraft and the flights will operate daily with the exception being Hyderabad to which flights will operate only on Sundays.

Check out the schedule below:

Flight to Mumbai

  • Mumbai-Rajkot
  • Departure time- 10:55
  • Arrival time- 11:45
  • Flight time- 50 minutes
  • Flight number- 6E382
  • Note : Flight will depart from Mumbai Airport Terminal 1
  • Rajkot-Mumbai
  • Departure time- 12:15
  • Arrival time- 13:40
  • Flight time- 1 hour and 25 minutes
  • Flight number- 6E6089
  • Note : Flight will land at Mumbai Airport Terminal 1

Flight to Delhi

  • Delhi-Rajkot
  • Departure time- 10:30
  • Arrival time- 12:35
  • Flight time- 2 hours and 5 minutes
  • Flight number- 6E717
  • Note: Flight will depart from Delhi Airport Terminal 1
  • Rajkot-Delhi
  • Departure time- 13:05
  • Arrival time- 14:45
  • Flight time- 1 hours and 40 minutes
  • Flight number- 6E2027

Flight to Bengaluru

  • Bengaluru-Rajkot
  • Departure time- 17:05
  • Arrival time- 19:20
  • Flight time- 2 hours and 15 minutes
  • Flight number- 6E6507
  • Rajkot-Bengaluru
  • Departure time- 19:50
  • Arrival time- 22:00
  • Flight time- 2 hours and 10 minutes
  • Flight number- 6E6508

Flight to Hyderabad

  • Hyderabad-Rajkot
  • Departure time- 13:45
  • Arrival time- 15:30
  • Flight time- 1 hours and 45 minutes
  • Flight number- 6E6719
  • Rajkot-Hyderabad
  • Departure time- 16:00
  • Arrival time- 17:45
  • Flight time- 1 hours and 45 minutes
  • Flight number- 6E432

Sanjay Kumar, Chief Strategy and Revenue officer, Indigo said:

We are pleased to announce Rajkot as our new domestic destination to strengthen regional connectivity. Rajkot, known for its casting and forging industries, is one of the prime industrial centres in Gujarat. Increased connectivity to Saurashtra’s financial capital will boost trade, commerce, and tourism in the region. Indigo is committed to providing an affordable, on-time, safe, and hassle-free travel experience onboard our lean clean flying machine.

SpiceJet’s expansion in the city

Rajkot, a city in the Indian state of Gujarat, has seen air connectivity increase drastically. Until 24th February, the city had flights to only two cities namely Mumbai and Delhi. But from 24th February, SpiceJet added a daily flight between Bengaluru and Rajkot to its route network.

SpiceJet is also starting a flight from Rajkot to Hyderabad starting 7th March. In addition to this, the Indian low cost carrier is increasing frequency to Mumbai by adding a second daily flight to Mumbai. SpiceJet’s flights to Mumbai from Rajkot are timed in a such way ( one in morning and another in evening ) that it will be possible for travellers to come back from the work trip that day itself.

SpiceJet is also planning to start flights from Rajkot to Goa in March. According to a report from Times of India, the flight will operate 4-times-a-week. SpiceJet has supposedly also got permission to operate between the two cities but has not yet disclosed the timings and the date from which the service will start.

Indian national carrier Air India is already operating a daily flight to Delhi and Mumbai. From 28th March, flights to Mumbai will increase to 2-daily flights on some days (Tuesdays and Thursdays).

Rajkot, also known as the financial capital of Saurashtra ( the region in which the city is situated ) , is a major business hub. Traders and industrialists have been demanding additional flights from the city for quite sometime. But now it looks like the city will be connected very well with almost all metro cities of India.

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