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Lufthansa to offer additional paid snacks in Economy Class on long-haul flights

Lufthansa has announced that it will offer additional paid snacks in Economy Class on long-haul flights starting in December 2021.

Paid snacks

Starting 1st December 2021, Lufthansa passengers on long-haul flights in Economy and Premium Economy Class will have the option of purchasing snacks and spirits in addition to main meals and drinks, which will continue to be complimentary. The German flag carrier says that with this new offer, it is ‘responding to the different needs of guests when it comes to choosing food and beverages on board’. Especially between meals, guests’ wishes are very individual – Lufthansa is meeting this demand now with a wider selection.

As of 1st December 2021, this service will initially be introduced on 37 long-haul routes to North America, South America, Asia and South Africa. The service will then be available on all intercontinental flights in spring 2022.

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The product range, which is offered under the name Onboard Delights, is based on the short-haul offer that Lufthansa introduced at the end of May 2021. For example, Baumkuchen from Dallmayr, kettle chips made from organic potatoes, and the Share organic nut bar are offered from regional production. With every purchase of the Share organic nut bar, one meal is donated to the Sunshine Project in India, which is supported by the help alliance of the Lufthansa Group. The beverage menu includes champagne and a variety of distilled spirits. The current range can be found here.

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