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Hyatt reveals plans for first locations of the new Hyatt Studios brand

Hyatt has revealed plans for first locations of the new Hyatt Studios brand.

Hyatt Studios, the latest select service brand in the Hyatt’s portfolio of brands, has executed franchise agreements for the first locations in Mobile, Alabama and Marysville, California. The company says that this is emphasises Hyatt’s strategy of entering untapped markets where its brand presence is yet to be established.

Hyatt Studios Exterior Rendering

The first two locations for Hyatt Studios include:

  • Mobile, Alabama (Tillman’s Corner): This will be the inaugural hotel in Hyatt Studios’ portfolio of hotels. The site will mark Hyatt’s first branded hotel in the area and is strategically located near Mobile Bay’s Gulf Coast. In addition to attracting tourism, the city boasts a diverse range of industries in manufacturing, aerospace, and commercial retail, further enhancing its midscale appeal. This property is set to open in late 2024.
  • Marysville, California: Hyatt will open a 113-room Hyatt Studios property in downtown Marysville, California located in Yuba County and part of the North Sacramento area. Hyatt saMarysville is an ideal location to develop a Hyatt Studios hotel due to the city’s rapid growth in recent years, which has led to increased demand in the midscale segment. Expected to open in 2025, the property will feature a custom buildout, including dedicated meeting spaces, to effectively serve the needs of both business travelers and those attending local events in the area.

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Hyatt Studios Lobby Rendering
Hyatt Studios Guest Room Rendering

Hyatt’s entry into these new markets with Hyatt Studios hotels exemplifies our commitment to developers, guests and World of Hyatt members. We’ve learned that when Hyatt guests stay with a competing brand, they appear to do so for one of two reasons: the absence of a Hyatt hotel within five miles or the choice to stay at a lower chain scale. By enabling guests to choose a Hyatt hotel in new markets, we grow brand loyalty without intra-brand competition and present more white-space options to developers.

said Dan Hansen, Global Head of Hyatt Studios.

The Hyatt Studios brand will join Hyatt’s growing portfolio in the Timeless collection. Accommodating extended-stay and transient demand, each Hyatt Studios hotel will be sized to fit approximately 122 rooms with flexibility to scale up or down.

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