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Intercontinental Hotels and Resorts unveils a global brand evolution

Intercontinental Hotels and Resorts, one of the oldest luxury hotel brands in the world, has announced that it is embarking on an exciting new chapter with the launch of an extensive global brand evolution.

Intercontinental says that it is set to “yet again reimagine the luxury travel experience, striking a harmonious balance between freedom and familiarity”.

The hotel brand aims to “captivate the imaginations of modern luxury travellers by satisfying their desire for knowledge and culturally rich experiences”.

Intercontinental says that it is committed to helping guests “shape shift” through their day. To support this, it is launching some new initiatives such as scientifically backed food and beverage programmes aimed at helping guests reduce travel fatigue while ensuring dining options reflect differing guest needs throughout the day. All guests will also receive access to the Timeshifter, a jet lag app which enables travelers to use the latest circadian science to adjust quickly to new time zones.

This isn’t a rebrand or repositioning; rather, it’s a comprehensive transformation from start to finish of InterContinental, ensuring we stay at the forefront of crafting a luxury experience for the modern luxury traveler. Collaborating with our 215 hotels worldwide, we are committed to delivering precisely what todays and tomorrows guests, owners and colleagues require.

At its core, this brand evolution revolves around our exceptional team members globally. Alongside a new brand service platform, we’re introducing a fresh brand culture and a range of programmes aimed at attracting and retaining the finest talent in the industry. Our colleague brand culture is grounded in InterContinental’s core belief that travel expands the mind. We unite in diversity and wherever you are in the world, you belong at InterContinental.

said Tom Rowntree, Vice President of Luxury Brands, IHG Hotels and Resorts.

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InterContinental is collaborating with neuroscience-based designer Isabelle Sjovall to revolutionize guestroom spaces to enhance the restorative process needed for travel fatigue and reimagine other versatile physical spaces so they can seamlessly adapt to evolving needs at different times of the day.

The hotel brand “leverages its rich history as a pioneer in hospitality”. The brand’s colleagues serve as cultural connectors, helping guests embrace and explore cities and local neighbourhoods. The concierge, at the heart of cultural exploration, will play an even more significant role. InterContinental will develop innovative Concierge Galleries in hotel lobbies, transforming them into epicentres of unrivaled local, cultural knowledge. Going far beyond the standard concierge desk, these new outposts will more closely resemble a luxury boutique, bringing together interactive displays, library spaces and informative features, in some cases even art installations or designer pop-ups. From a design perspective, these social spaces will eschew the traditional desk in favor of a more interactive worktable allowing for more natural and engaging interactions between the guest and concierge.

Intercontinental Hotels & Resorts will elevate micro-occasions for guests who wish to enjoy any number of life’s milestones, from birthdays to baby showers, through its brand-new Incredible Occasions programme. The Incredible Occasions programme will help signpost bookable spaces around the hotel, where groups of guests can enjoy privacy while celebrating memorable moments. Unlike grand settings or spacious ballrooms, each intimate space will include programming and packages, consisting of amenities and experiences, such as beautiful tablescapes, decadent candlelit dinners or private masterclasses which can be offered.

Bringing together expertise, infrastructure and imagination, InterContinental will also unveil Celebration Suites across its global portfolio. These are reimagined spaces designed specifically to help guests elevate life’s most special moments, from lavish dinner parties to landmark birthdays.

Intercontinental Hotels and Resorts is currently present in over 60 countries with 215 hotels and resorts in its portfolio.

Featured image of Intercontinental San Diego by IHG

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