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Etihad airways to offset all emissions from a B787-10 in 2021

Etihad airways on Tuesday announced that it would offset all the carbon emissions for its Boeing 787-10 Greenliner aircraft for the year 2021.

Photo:Etihad airways

This year, the airline partnered with Boeing for a special ‘green’ coloured livery painted on one of its Boeing B787-10. The aircraft is now called ‘Greenliner’.

Etihad will offset all the aircraft’s carbon emissions for 2021. This will initially see it purchase 80,000 tonnes of carbon offsets. While various projects are being supported, Etihad will focus on a Tanzanian forestry project.

“It’s encouraging to end a difficult year with such a positive move for the sustainable future of aviation. While the year brought many challenges, sustainability has remained at the top of our agenda, and the work hasn’t stopped.”, said Tony Douglas, CEO, Etihad Aviation Group.

Etihad’s Greenliner Boeing B787-10 is used by the carrier to test a range of ways to make flying more efficient. One such test was conducted where the aircraft flew to Dublin in partnership with the support of Eurocontrol. The flight was very different than the normal ones. The aircraft taxied straight to the runway from the terminal without any waiting time. Then, it climbed continuously to 34000 feet rather than in steps. The aircraft then used an optimized flight profile for its cruise before descending. Like the climb, the descent was also continuous. This whole process reduced CO2 emissions.

Well, it is nice to see airlines testing different ways to reduce carbon emissions and focus on sustainability.

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