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Allegiant announces 34 new nonstop routes for spring-summer schedule

Allegiant is adding 34 new nonstop flight routes to its network for the spring-summer schedule as it looks to capture more of the leisure travelers who have made up the bulk of those still flying during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Of the 34 new routes, there are 9 temporary routes to Rapid City, South Dakota, aimed at travelers heading to the state’s famed Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. All 9 routes will operate twice-weekly for 2 weeks around the early-August event.

The remaining 25 routes will operate on a more-typical seasonal basis.

Check all the details about the new routes below. All of the seasonal routes will operate twice weekly, except for Allegiant’s service between San Diego and Mesa-Phoenix (four times weekly). Some routes are listed twice, showing up once under each base getting new service.

  • San Diego – Bozeman: starts 3rd June
  • San Diego – Des Moines: starts 1st July
  • San Diego – Kalispell/Glacier Park: starts 28th May
  • San Diego – Mesa/Phoenix: starts 27th May
  • San Diego – Pasco/Tri-Cities: starts 28th May
  • Los Angeles – Indianapolis: starts 28th May
  • Los Angeles – Omaha: starts 4th June
  • Los Angeles – Rapid City: starts 4th June
  • Los Angeles – Shreveport: starts 2nd July
  • Nashville – Albany – Los Angeles: starts 14th May
  • Nashville – Boise – Los Angeles: starts 28th May
  • Nashville – McAllen – Los Angeles: starts 27th May
  • Nashville – Portsmouth – Los Angeles: starts 27th May
  • Portland – Billings – Los Angeles: starts 7th May
  • Portland – Des Moines – Los Angeles: starts 1st July
  • Portland – Grand Rapids – Los Angeles: starts 4th June
  • Portland – Missoula – Los Angeles: starts 7th May
  • Bozeman – Austin: starts 27th May
  • Bozeman – Oakland: starts 28th May
  • Bozeman – San Diego: starts 3rd June
  • Des Moines – Houston Hobby: starts 1st July
  • Des Moines – Portland: starts 1st July
  • Des Moines – Portland: starts 1st July
  • Destin-Fort Walton Beach – Asheville: starts 27th May
  • Destin-Fort Walton Beach – Clarksburg: starts 26th May
  • Destin-Fort Walton Beach – St. Cloud: starts 6th June
  • Houston Hobby – Des Moines: starts 1st July
  • Houston Hobby – Lexington: starts 3rd June
  • Houston Hobby – Springfield: strTs 28th May
  • Indianapolis – Boston: starts 28th May
  • Indianapolis – Los Angeles: starts 28th May
  • Austin – Bozeman: starts 27th May
  • Austin – Fayetteville/Northwest Arkansas: starts 2nd July
  • Boston – Indianapolis: starts 28th May
  • Boston – Norfolk: starts 28th May
  • Clarksburg – Chicago Midway: starts 3rd June
  • Clarksburg – Destin/Fort Walton Beach: starts 26th May
  • Appleton – Savannah: starts 28th May
  • Bangor – Fort Lauderdale: starts 28th May
  • Concord – Sarasota/Bradenton: starts 28th May
  • Cincinnati – Key West: starts 9th June
  • Little Rock – St. Petersburg: starts 27th May

Allegiant’s special routes for the Sturgis Bike Rally (Rapid City, South Dakota): all the routes will run twice-weekly for 2 weeks:

  • Appleton: starts 4th August
  • Grand Rapids: starts 4th August
  • Indianapolis: starts 4th August
  • Knoxville: starts 4th August
  • Nashville: starts 4th August
  • Orlando/Sanford: starts 5th August
  • Peoria: starts 4th August
  • Pittsburgh: starts 5th August
  • Punta Gorda: starts 6th August

“As summer approaches, we expect a lot of pent-up demand for travel, especially for places where people can hike, fish, camp or visit the beach. With this expansion, we’ve added even more service to destinations known for their outdoor appeal. Now, with Allegiant’s low-cost, nonstop service, travelers will have easy, affordable access to the cities they want to visit.”

said Drew Wells, Senior Vice President of Revenue, Allegiant.

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