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Lufthansa introduces ‘Sleeper’s Row’ on long-haul flights

German flag carrier Lufthansa has introduced its ‘Sleeper’s Row’ offer on long-haul flights.

Starting 2nd August 2021, Lufthansa passengers travelling in Economy Class on select long-haul flights will have the option of booking a Sleeper’s Row at the check-in or at the gate, before their flight. With this option, passengers will receive an entire row of seats for themselves, consisting of three to four adjacent seats, for the entire duration of the flight.

Passengers who are travelling with a Sleeper’s Row ticket will also receive a comfortable pillow, blanket and mattress topper of ‘Business Class quality’, allowing passengers to fully relax while on board before reaching their final destination.

The Safety during the flight is ensured by a special seat belt, which remains fastened even when the passenger is lying down, including separate safety instructions. Additionally, passengers who book a Sleeper’s Row will have priority boarding.

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Lufthansa offers the Sleeper’s Row on long-haul flights of approximately eleven hours or more, for example on routes to the Far East, the United States’ west coast, Central and South America, or southern Africa. Thee include flights to Singapore, Los Angeles and São Paulo. Passengers will have to pay between 159 and 229 euros for a Sleeper’s Row depending on the route. A maximum of three Sleeper’s Rows are offered per flight and Reservations in advance are not possible.

Lufthansa tested the Sleeper’s Row on the route Frankfurt – São Paulo – Frankfurt for several weeks at the end of 2020 and received positive feedback from passengers and was in high demand.

The airline says that the Sleeper’s Row is a further step towards more product diversity in Economy Class to meet passengers’ wishes for more comfort and individuality.

Meanwhile, Lufthansa recently announced flights between Munich and Dubai. The carrier also plans to re-activate five Airbus A340-600 aircraft in Summer 2022. The airline has enabled fast check-in with digital vaccination certificate.

Featured image by Lufthansa

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