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SWISS unveils new cabin interiors “SWISS Senses”

SWISS has unveiled all new cabin interiors under project “SWISS Senses”. The redesigned cabins will make their way on all long-haul aircraft starting 2025.

The totally redesigned long-haul cabin features a timeless colour scheme and top-quality materials. The warm and muted tones such as claret, anthracite and beige convey a particular sense of comfort and calm.

First Class reimagined

The new First Class Suites are practically the same as those unveiled by Lufthansa a few days ago. The suites feature sliding doors, a spacious personal wardrobe, a large seat table, seat heating and cooling, a wireless charging station and a screen display that is as wide as the suite itself.

The suites’ warm colours and wood features convey a strong sense of comfort and calm within top-quality surrounds. An advanced and spacious new washroom has also been developed for the new SWISS First cabin. The facility draws its inspiration from the famous spring in Vals in Canton Graubünden: a slate-black exterior, and a green interior that alludes to the spring’s fresh and cooling water.

SWISS First Class
SWISS First Class
SWISS First Class

Just like Lufthansa’s plans for First Class, SWISS’ First Class cabin’s centre suites can be configured to seat two passengers travelling together.

This is the most comprehensive cabin renewal in the history of our company. As a premium airline, we want to pay due and full regard to our customers’ desire for more individuality. And with this extremely high-quality product, we can continue to meet all our high aspirations.

said Dieter Vranckx, Chief Executive Officer, SWISS.

Stylish Business Class

SWISS has totally redesigned its Business Class cabin. The airline says that it is “intentionally conceived to meet a wide range of wishes and needs”. The Business Class seats feature seat heating and cooling features and a wireless charging station. The cabin’s top-quality materials in claret and anthracite help convey an extremely cosy and intimate ambience throughout. The seats will also feature a 17-inch, 4K resolution inflight entertainment screen.

SWISS Business Class
SWISS Business Class

In addition to ‘classic’ Business Class seats, the new cabin offers various further seating options such as double seats for passengers travelling together. The airline will also offer sliding doors in the bulkhead suites, to create a suit, an increasingly common feature these days among airlines.

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Premium Economy and Economy

SWISS was the first airline in the Lufthansa Group to introduce the new Premium Economy seats. The carrier will retain this product. The Premium Economy seats are 48 centimetres (approximately 19 inches) wide and have almost one-metre pitch. All of these seats will feature a 15.6-inch 4K resolution inflight entertainment screen. The seats will also feature a privacy divider, wireless charging and a cocktail table for drinks.

SWISS Premium Economy Class
SWISS Premium Economy Class
SWISS Premium Economy Class

SWISS has redesigned its Economy Class cabin. According to the airline, it has increased the seat pitch. Every seat will also feature a 13.3-inch 4K resolution screen, and the extensive new inflight entertainment system will help the time aloft fly by. The new seats are further provided with an amenity storage facility and a USB port.

SWISS Economy Class
SWISS Economy Class
SWISS Economy Class

All seating classes will also feature new Human-Centric Lighting which helps alleviate jet lag’s effects. All the passengers, irrespective of their travel class, will be able to connect their own Bluetooth headphones to the inflight entertainment system.

With ‘SWISS Senses’ we’re making our customers’ air travel an even more personal and more sensual experience. With its deep devotion to detail, our new long-haul cabin will give our passengers a particular feeling of warmth and well-being – a cosy and comfortable yet also functional environment in all our travel classes.

Tamur Goudarzi Pour, Chief Commercial Officer, SWISS.

Here’s a video on the new SWISS Senses project:

Coming in 2025

These new cabins will be first installed on SWISS’ Airbus A330-300s, followed by the Boeing B777-300ERs. The 5 Airbus A350s which will be delivered to SWISS 2025 onwards will come fitted with these new cabins. The A340-300s will be retired in not-so-distant future.

With the new cabins, SWISS’ Airbus A330-300s will feature a total of 227 seats across four classes of service – 4 in First Class, 43 in Business Class, 21 in Premium Economy and 159 in Economy. This is 9 seats less than the current SWISS A330s which have 236 seats without the Premium Economy cabin.


SWISS’ “SWISS Senses” and Lufthansa’s “Allegris” seats will be identical in every aspect other than the seat finishes. I personally like the SWISS finishes compared to Lufthansa’s. From SWISS’ use of subtle brown shades, black and dark maroon to the geometric patterns on the seats seem to create a sense of calmness and excitement.

Going forward, Lufthansa and SWISS, two of the largest airlines in the Lufthansa Group, will feature the same hard products, making it easy for passengers to know what hard product they will fly on. The consistency of the hard products on the two airlines will be great and something to look forward to. The soft products will certainly differ but the Lufthansa Group is certainly headed in a “positive customer experience with regards to hard products” direction, with Lufthansa’s and SWISS’ exciting new cabin products and Condor’s new hard products.

Now the only Lufthansa Group airline except Eurowings Discover which has not yet jumped in in cabin refresh is Austrian. It is possible that the airline may get Boeing B787 Dreamliners and we can certainly expect new hard products on those if it is truly happening.

Featured image of new SWISS Business Class by SWISS

All the other images by Lufthansa

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