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Europe’s night trains are back; 13 cities to be connected via new train routes

Night trains to make a comeback in Europe that will connect 13 cities across the continent.

Photo: European CEO

Sleeper trains are all set to make a comeback in Europe. Four national railway companies have joined hands and have announced new routes that apparently marks the biggest extension of the sleeper train or night train network in Europe after many years.

European train journeys are normally faster than taking a flight and flying so this move actually comes as a big relief for many travellers not just across Europe but for travellers all around the globe. The state railways in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and France are joining hands according to the reports to revive the night train services.

Five routes will likely be launched in the next four years if everything goes as planned. Also, a new night train service will resume operation between Vienna and Paris via Munich, and between Zurich and Amsterdam by December 2021.

Trains between Zurich and Rome will start operations from December 2022. Another new night train service will start between Vienna and Paris from December 2023 according to the reports. The night train between Zurich and Barcelona will also likely be on tracks from December 2024.

Adding to this, Sweden has also made an announcement saying that they will be launching a new night train service to Germany and Belgium by 2022 connecting the Swedish cities to Brussels and Hamburg which will therefore allow faster connections to Central Europe and the United Kingdom.

A new train had started between the Croatian coast and Prague earlier this year. The new cost effective night train proved to be an instant hit which lead to the running of the service every night. According to the reports, more than 3000 tickets were sold out during the route’s inaugural weeks and some trains were entirely booked out because the tickets were priced as low as €22 for one way.

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